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APIs.json Subscriptions

This is a tool for pulling the OpenAPI Spec files that are indexed in any of the APIs.json indexed within the APIs.json file for this subscription repo.

It loops through any APIs.json added to the include collection, loops through each APIs.json, adds a folder to the master branch for this repo, and publishes a copy of the APIs.json, and any OpenAPI Specs to the folder.

A valid OAuth token is required to be passed in using the query variable "token", from a user account with write access to the repo, otherwise the subscriptions will not be written.

This is one of my micro tools I am evolving to help me manage a large number of OpenAPI Specifications, that are indexed via APIs.json files in my API Stack work. My goal is to make a forkable set of tools, that can be used to stay subscribed to the changes occurring to APIs that are indexed via APIs.json files.

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